Importance of Mobile Friendly Website Design

mobile website design

Importance of Mobile Friendly Website Design

Why Are Mobile Websites So Important?

Mobile overtook desktop computers as people’s preferred device to access the internet last year, and that trend is forecast to jump by 28% this year, according to Zenith’s Media Consumption Forecasts. “Mobile internet is now growing at the expense of all other media,” said Jonathan Barnard, Zenith’s head of forecasting. “Seventy percent of internet use is now on a mobile, and the use of a desktop for internet will fall by almost 16 percent, this year.” If you haven’t considered a smooth mobile experience for your audience, your rating on search engines can be jeopardized. The same goes for load speed, as search engines put an emphasis on that as well. You shouldn’t be surprised if a slow website leads to lower SERP. You can use online tools like Pingdom and GT Metrix to analyze where the speed problems come from and how to fix them.

Global Internet Consumption: Mobile vs. Desktop

On average, people around the world will spend 1 hour and 36 minutes a day using the internet on their phones, compared to less than 30 minutes on a desktop, this year. However, in America the development of new apps and competitive pricing options is behind the “dramatic” increase in internet use on phones, the research said. The average American spends much longer on the internet compared to the global daily average, with each person spending 2 hours and 25 minutes on their phones, and 52 minutes at their desktop. By 2018, that gap is predicted to grow to people spending three hours and 20 minutes using the net on their phone, compared to just 40 minutes on the computer.

Are Mobile Websites Better for SEO?

YES! SEO optimization is not only about content and keywords. It’s also about the quality of your website, particularly its performance on mobile devices, which are users’ top choice today. Google and other search engines can recognize when your website is not mobile-friendly which can jeopardize your rating on search engines. The same goes for load speed, as search engines put an emphasis on that as well.

Google’s new mobile-first index and the death of the desktop

  • Google uses a bot to surf your site like a real visitor and adds them to the Google index.
  • Google used to crawl sites as a desktop user, Now Google will crawl your site as a mobile user.
  • This is Google’s new Mobile-First Index.
  • If your site is not mobile friendly Google’s bots cannot scan your site properly.
  • Why is Google is switching? Mobile is everything.

Who’s Affected?


  • Sites that redirect to a different mobile version with different/less content than the destop site.
  • Google’s bot sees only what is on the mobile version, not the desktop version.
  • Content that is not seen is not included in Google’s new Mobile-First Index.
    An example of this would be using a pluggin such as


  • Websites that are not a responsive mobile friendly site.
  • These sites will not rank as well as mobile friendly sites.


So What’s The Solution?


  • A responsive site resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being seen on.
  • One site with different elements that respond to devices of different sizes.

One of the best responsive mobile site CMS platforms today is WordPress

  • Optimized For Good Page Speed
  • Simple Changes Can Be Made By You, The Client
  • Search Engine Friendly
  • Image Optimization For Good Page Rankings
  • Social Media Integration With Search Engines
  • User Experience – Can Be Responsive And Fully Optimized

We specialize in developing websites that are mobile friendly, and created for the best SEO practices.  All of our work is done in-house in Philadelphia with our full-time team.  You’ll work closely with one of our project managers – your main point of contact. After initial research and analysis of your brand, business strategy, and clients, we solidify the project timeline and plan. From there, we move into design. Our team will work with you to create a website inline with your brand goals. We then implement those designs, including best practices for site optimization and SEO practices.  We have a proven processes to ensure project success from development all the way through the SEO and lead generation process.

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