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Copinette Restaurant

We were contracted by SEO Digital Group ( to develop a brand new mobile-friendly website for Copinette Restaurant located in New York City. PLEASE NOTE: This site is maintained by the client. The design could be slightly distorted/altered from what we developed and there could be errors since they have the ability to edit things.



Copinette is located where once stood a landmark restaurant known to all New Yorkers called Copain, which is French for boyfriend. It opened in 1945 and was embraced by the neighborhood for 30 plus years. Copain was well known for serving elegant classics and enjoyed increased fame for appearing in a legendary scene in 1972’s Best Picture Oscar winner, French Connection. Gene Hackman’s character, Jimmy “Popeye” Doyle, stood across the street in a stakeout while he watched his targets enjoy a lavish meal.

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