Why A DJ Needs A Website

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Why A DJ Needs A Website

Is a social media profile enough? Nope!
So many DJs (and producers) think a Facebook page along with soundcloud or Mixcloud is enough. They are wrong. Remember Myspace.com? Yeah exactly, you only remember it because I just mentioned it. That site is finished because of limited enough finances to keep it going. Many of you DJs lost all of your music, but you also lost all that money you spent on those fancy HTML overlays, thus losing your online presence and brand. Most recently some DJs try to use SoundCloud as their official website, just directing people there.

What would happen if Facebook went away like myspace did?
As a DJ it is so important that you have an actual have a brand. Your website is the main online location for all things about your brand. It’s extremely important that you have a website as your main online location of information. Your website is what you should be using to point everyone to all ofo your social media pages etc. This way if one of those social media sites disappear you won’t disappear with it.

Examples of how you link your social media

Social media pages should only supplement your marketing efforts. Lets say you post a new DJ mix or your newest track on Facebook, that link should be pointing to a page on your website where people can listen to it or even download it. It can go even further than that though, you post that new track up in your SoundCloud and post that to your website, and then post a link on facebook directing users back to your website with your new SoundCloud track that you have embedded into your website. All of this increases your social media cred, but at the same time helps you drive traffic to your website and help with google SEO etc.

Websites are not that expensive

Really there is just an initial start up fee to get the site designed by a professional. Today most developers and designers are building in WordPress. WordPress allows you to update your site and post blog entries, as well as make simple text updates to things like bios, upcoming events, new music etc. It is important that you have someone with WordPress experience combined with SEO experience develop your site so things are all in order with your website. There are important things that need to be done correctly to allow your site to show up in google rankings, as well as things to help with your social media sharing and advertising.

Importance of a mobile friendly website
One thing of great importance is making sure your website is mobile friendly. What does that mean? Your website should be viewable on mobile, and it should be easy to navigate when viewed on a phone, tablet, or desktop. For more information on the importance of mobile websites read our blog post on that topic here.

What to put on a DJ website

The basics! You need a homepage, a bio page, events page (as long as you have enough to feed that page), a music page (for some artists we actually use SoundCloud to feed that page), and one thing I think is great for DJs is a blog. With a blog you can just ad simple pieces of news, new music, new picture of you with another big name DJ, anything really. also WordPress allows you to use social media widgets where you can feed stuff from your social media to your page, such as a twitter feed. Many DJs post to twitter like 3-4 times a day, and what better way to keep your audience up to date on the little things than letting them see your twitter feed.

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